Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What's in a Name?

Naming your children is kind of a big deal being that they sort of have that name for a while.  :)

We have always wanted two things with our names:  1) to honor family and/or tradition, and 2) to not have five of the same named kid in their kindergarten class.  I have loved having a unique (read: totally made up) name, and I'm pretty sure Brandon was Brandon H. for at least a good portion of his school days.  We were totally able to do that with Travis's name and are super excited to be able to do it for our daughter as well.

We chose Maryn in honor of our grandmothers.  Some are no longer with us, and some still have many years left.  Mauddell (Brandon's paternal grandmother) passed away many years before I came into the picture.  Lou Anne aka Grana (my maternal grandmother) and Joan (pronounced Jo-ann) aka Nannie (Pop's mom and my step-grandmother for 20 years) are both doing well in Lubbock.

Mary Margaret Travis (1/7/18-12/24/04) aka Grandma (my paternal grandmother) was the closest thing to an angel on earth that I've ever known.  She absolutely had the sweetest spirit and was such a Godly woman.  Her commitment to her family and her church were unmatched.  She taught Sunday school for a million years and no doubt led many young boys to know and love the God that she so whole-heartedly worshipped.  She had a son in the Brownfield ISD for 36 straight years (she graduated one son the same year another son started kindergarten - TWICE).  I watched her take care of my grandpa for many years and never sensed anything but unconditional love for him even in the toughest times.  She was such a testament to faith and prayer, and I can't help but think that she is so proud of me and my commitment to my family.  I only hope to be able to leave a legacy like she has and look forward to sharing her bible and her cornbread recipe with Maryn one day.

June 20, 2003

Mary Oler Fowler (8/27/35-12/22/06) aka Granny (Brandon's maternal grandmother) was so sassy and such a spit-fire.  I loved hanging out with her and trading witty jabs.  She was a great cook, and I have such fond memories of hanging out and eating at Granddaddy's and Granny's house.  She was a hairdresser for a million years and those clients were her extended family which I think says a lot about a woman and her ability to love and make friends.  Granny was very active in her church and know that many were blessed by her smile (and chocolate sheet cake).  While Granny was in the hospital, her beauty shop clients and church family and all sorts of folks in between visited and shared amazing stories about her.  I know that the family cherished all of these visits.  Granny loved her Pomeranian, and I'll never forget the look she gave Brandon after he ended up in the pool following Brandon and his piece of ham.

June 21, 2003

As you can see from the bolded letters, we were able to include a little bit from each of their names in order to come up with Maryn.  We used the "y" in the spelling in tribute to the two Mary's that we each knew and loved and will see again one day.  I hope that Maryn treasures family, community, and God like her grandmothers did.  Rochelle is mine and Lovey's middle name so that was the easy part.  I look forward to sharing with Maryn about her grandmothers that have passed before her and for her to meet the ones still around.


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