Sunday, May 15, 2011

All I could do was laugh...

After church today, Brandon, Travis, and I ventured to Olive Garden for an early lunch. Travis was particularly "on fire" today. B and I use this term for when he is especially busy, talkative, onery, etc. almost as a warning to the other to be on your toes. His appetizer while we had our salads was some croutons - he usually goes for bread, but today, he wanted some salad dressing covered croutons. After each one went in his mouth, he would immediately demand more (both verbally and with his hands). We did our best to keep up with his requests in hopes of keeping him satisfied and to prevent him from digging in to our salads for more on his own. When our food arrived, Travis had some lasagna and fettucine alfredo from my plate. He was sucking the sauce off the lasagna and handing the noodles back to me. He seemed to be enjoying the fettucine when he wasn't trying to wrestle the salad bowl or butter knife away from me. After some good bites, he began to lose his focus on eating and started moving the food he no longer wanted off of his tray. I bent down to pick a noodle up off of the floor that Travis had dropped, and when I leaned back up I noticed that Brandon had a fettucine noodle on his nice church shirt right in the center of his chest. Finding food dropped on B's shirt is not totally uncommon, but since B was not eating, and does not even like, fettucine alfredo, I was pretty confident he didn't put it there. I told B that he had a noodle on his shirt to which he exclaimed "I didn't do it" (which I totally alread knew). At this point, I just busted out laughing. Not like a lame little giggle, but a real belly laugh (not unlike the laugh that started when the sonographer told me that T's head was measuring 6 weeks ahead at his 36 week growth ultrasound). It didn't take long for Brandon to get the giggles too, and, of course, Travis chimed in with his best fake laugh. I guess I'm a little surprised that it took me to 36 weeks and 2 days pregnant to realize that B and I are totally screwed! Not really, of course, but it was super funny to just get a glimpse of how crazy life was with just one and how it is about to get so much crazier. We enjoyed the rest of our meal while shoveling yogurt melts to the kid and chatting about how we couldn't imagine going down this crazy road ahead with anyone else but each other. We were also praising God for our friends that have gone before us (and survived to tell the tales) and for our friends that are going to be joining us at the funny farm in just a few months!

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  1. You just wait! There is never a dull moment ;)