Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Santa Rosa Beach, FL Family Vacation - Post 1

In June, we headed to Santa Rosa Beach, FL for a week of family fun in Coach Tuberville's beach house.  It was divine!  This was the first plane trip for either kid and they both did super!!  Be prepared for lots of pictures - 350 or so to be exact over the next four posts!  :)
I'm finally getting around to blogging this trip (It's 10/31 now), and the details are a little rusty.  Shame on me!  Thankfully, the pictures help us remember!

Enjoying the balcony!


First day at the beach!

There was this little natural lagoon that formed near Coach's house.  It was awesome for the littles!

Lovey is eating queso out of a terra cotta pot - we thought this was so weird.

Needless to say, sleeping was a bit of a challenge for little bit so we did lots of co-sleeping!

Three generation of toes!

Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat from the cutest ladybug and blue monster you know!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mid-October Random

Making cornbread with Grandpa.
Enjoying post-nap play time before brother wakes up.

Loving on Grandpa.

Who knows what??

Handsome man.

My normal.  :)

Little fun time at Grandpa's (and yes this first one will be a canvas!).

Oh to have the difficult life of this 3 year old....