Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

He is RISEN!  Loved finally seeing the kids start understanding the true meaning of Easter.  Grateful for Sunday School and Park Row Christian Academy to help us get the message across.  #ittakesavillage

On Sunday, we hit up church, grabbed groceries at the store, and spent most of the afternoon in the backyard.  We had a beautiful overcast day and loved spending it with Grandpa, Uncle Mickey, and Pepper.

Daddy and Travis ended up with kool-aid in their grocery cart.

The aftermath of a Grandpa head butt.

Waiting for the eggs to be hid.

We split most of them into two color categories to even the playing field and it was fun watching them help each other out.  Maryn found an orange one, and Travis was thrilled when she handed it over.

It was a two basket kind of haul.

These two!


Grateful for a blessed day!