Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter at "LollyPopsies"

The third annual Teeny & Lolly Easter Egg-stravaganza is in the books!  Such a fun time with lots of active toddlers!

She's all .... JELLY BEANS!!!

Dude was stuffing as fast as he was opening!

Hill/Grant shenanigans!!

Love this extended family we have adopted and that have gratefully adopted us back!  

One of these days...

One of these days, this cat is going to be gone and these kids are gonna be grown, and I'm gonna be oh so glad I picked up my big camera and risked being late for church...  Photography is about memories!  Sure, composition, lighting, exposure, etc. are all great, but I want pictures of my own kids that make me feel and know and remember and treasure a moment, favorite activity, or attitude that I know will be gone in a blink!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break 2013

I like to think that our family does the best vacationing around!!  We've rented houses in Mexico, Port Aransas, Galveston, and now, Lake LBJ, and we've all headed out together to Vegas and will do so to Disney in 2014!  I don't think anyone's last words were ever .... "man, I took too many vacations."  We are blessed with amazing family that don't balk when I start circulating links a year in advance and gladly roll with the punches when it comes to cramming in-laws, outlaws, and exes all together in one place!!  Love to think that our kiddos will remember some of these some day!

This year we stayed at the Lost Moose Lodge on Lake LBJ.  The agenda was mostly eat, relax, eat, drink, and eat some more!  Pepper (B's mom) was our menu planner and helped run all the food prep - everything was so yummy and it was great to have such an awesome plan.  The place was great - big enough for everyone to have their own space.  At our max, we had 16 folks staying there.  Both of our kiddos love the outdoors and are getting more adventuresome every day.  M loved collecting rocks, and T loved the hot tub and taking "hikes".

Margaritaville with her large shaker of salt.... :)

Cookies & Juice boxes - yum-o!

Uncle Blake checking out his BBQ map....

M wasn't much for afternoon naps on vacation which meant lots of play time with the grown ups!

Some of our chefs in action.

Clothes optional.

Our family pics just keep getting bizarre-er!  I have no idea what Travis is doing between my two shirts.

We did get dolled up one day and went antiquing in Burnet - just the girls of course!!

Uncle Blake was our fish frier and burger griller extraordinaire!

Hanging out in Shelby's bed.  She specifically requested we bring her "green babies"!

Morning snuggles with Lovey, Pop, & Shelby.


Love my crazy family!