Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting you in the mood....

I can't even wrap my head around the fact that Thanksgiving is only two days away!  Since holidays are hitting us at warp speed anyway, we might as well have a Christmas PJ Shoot promo teaser to really get us in the mood!  Our dear friends, the McDurhams, are raising funds to bring home their second child from Ethiopia!  On December 15th, we are going to have a Christmas PJ Photoshoot for their benefit!  David is especially gifted in the decor area so he is decorating the mantle, and I'll be sending each participant home with a 5x7 and a digital image!  I'll be very surprised if we can't raise $500 or so for them!!  The "promo" shoot was a riot as per usual when my kids are involved. 
Ella is a seasoned pro and could be rented out as the perfect child to photograph.  My two are a mix of ham, mugshot poses, and will not sit still!!  Love them.  :)
And check out little man's new specs!!  So handsome!

This sweet girl will be getting a new sibling!!  God is good!!

Did I mention Ella's mommy is a master baker?!?  That last crumb sure was delicious!

Cookie hoarder.

May you take time this holiday season to celebrate the birth of our Savior and enjoy His many blessings in your life!!

Monday, November 5, 2012


Why is every other post titled some variation  of "mishmash of cute pics that mom needs to save"!?

We did an on-location shoot for a college friend.  Brandon and the kids came along - silliness ensued.  :)

This is my Grana (Lovey's mom) and Great-great Aunt Freda (Grana's mom's sister).

A couple of trick or treating adventure pics!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Santa Rosa Beach, FL Family Vacation - Post 4

Debbie was short-lived and we spent the next day at the beach.

We walked into town for lunch and sight-seeing.

The night before we left Travis fell and hit is lip on the couch.  There was blood, lots of blood, and we took a quick trip to the ER to make sure his tongue and teeth were ok.  Sad, sad panda.

Blessed to have such awesome family and for the opportunity to enjoy the beach in their home.
Fingers crossed we get to go back next year! :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Santa Rosa Beach, FL Family Vacation - Post 3

I'd like to say we all got to take leisurely naps all day, but mainly just these three. :)

We played pool and played at the pool.  (get it??)

I set these in the passenger seat of our rented suv.  I thought the angle gave them way more character.  :)

Pop, Grandpa, Uncle Mickey
Lovey, Brandon, Maryn
Gara, Travis

We did a little two-stop dining this day.  We went to Tommy Bahamas for a dessert feast. Travis was in heaven!

And a little splash part outside the restaurant.  Yay for spare clothes in the car.

Brandon and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary while we were there and got some babysitting out of the trip and enjoyed an awesome dinner alone!

His nightly ritual was eating these mini-popsicles in the sink bath.

Hurrican Debbie came to town.

Took the kids to first movie.  Madagascar 3.  Actually went pretty well.  :)

Finished up the one rainy day at the Hard Rock.