Thursday, November 1, 2012

Santa Rosa Beach, FL Family Vacation - Post 2

Part of the fun was picking out all of Maryn's cute beach clothes. :)

Best ice cream ever!

Yeah, that happened.  Handsome!
Travis took the next two pics with my rebel.  Our pics turned out fine,
and it was so nice to not worry about hauling my Mark II.

She melts my heart.

A little day trip to Seaside, FL.

Dude found a melted pack of gummi bears.

Community pool.

Dolphin watching excursion out of Destin, FL.

Captain Bill's sidekick.

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  1. The shot of Travis...priceless! That's my fear once Caleb learns the world is his toilet. Grandpa and Grandma live out in the country and I'm just waiting for Grandpa to teach him!

    (BTW, if this shows up as Duke's comment, it's really Andrea in CS. I don't know how to change it back to me after I wrote our Christmas newsletter last year from Duke's perspective.)