Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy 8 Month Birthday!

Looking back...


I am so blessed and proud to be called your Great-Grandaddy. You are very special to me as you are my first Great Grandson. I thank God for allowing me to be here to witness your birth, and I only wish your Great Grandmother, Mary, could have been here to witness your birth with me to share my joy, but as you will learn she has already gone to Heaven to be with Jesus where she will be waiting to see us someday. I know she would be as proud as I am and loved you as much as I do, but as you will learn, God has a purpose for all of us. We sometimes don't understand, but that is what faith is all about.

I knew from the first time I saw you that you were a very special boy and that God already had a purpose for you even before you were born. You are so blessed to be born to such loving parents as they are very special too. You are so loved by all of your family, more than I have ever witnessed in all of my 77 + years.  I just pray that God allows me many more years to watch you grow up, because I know you will become someone great. I feel confident your daddy and mother will guide and lead you you to place faith in Jesus Christ and live your life according to His plan. There will never be a problem you won't be able to overcome with Jesus.

You get more beautiful each time I see you and only pray I will get to be with you often for many years to come. I know you won't understand the things I have told you in this letter until you are older. You are loved so much by so many people and I know that you will grow up to love as much as you are loved.

Always be strong with your love for God because He loves you too. I love you very much with all my heart and I will continue to pray for you every day.

Great Grandaddy Jack

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