Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy 7 Month Birthday!

Mmm, sure hope that was a non-toxic marker.  :)

Dear Travis,

Well your very "computer iliterate Grana" has finally figured out how to write to you via e-mail. That, of course, does not mean that one day has gone by that I have not thought about you and what I have missed in all these months. I see your beautiful face on my computer everytime I turn it on (finally figured out how to do that).

What a blessing you are to me and and just what I thought you would be, handsome, smart, sweet and happy.  (oh, and a republican).

When I look at your face I see wisdom, that assures me you will be intelligent and well-read and a seeker of knowledge.

I see your smile and I know you will have a sense of humor and will laugh a lot and look for things that make you smile.

I see kindness, compassion and an appreciation for all living things that you will encounter in your earthly walk.

I see love for your parents and a knowing that you know you are blessed with this sustaining love and caring.

And Dear Travis, when I think of you and see your beautiful, wise, kind and loving face I think of the generations and wonderful lineage that came before you, and I imagine that they are looking down on the same face.

Have a very Happy 7 Month Birthday.   Hope its a good one.

Oh! Something else, your Grana loves you to the moon and back a trillion gillion times.

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