Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Travis has slept 11-12 hours both of the last two nights!  So awesome.  I am so proud of the little guy!!  I'm feeding him 6 times during the day plus two "meals" - one mid-morning and one late afternoon.  We tried avocados today!  He had them for breakfast and ate them without hesitation.  I also fed him half a cube of sweet potatoes, and he ate both like a champ!  Our little baby is growing up!

Speaking of growing up, I spent some time during his morning nap going through the clothes that Travis has already outgrown.  Aunt Kimmie (my sis-in-law) is hosting a shower for a friend who doesn't have much so hopefully some of Travis's stuff can be put to good use.  There are three more bags of "keepers" in the closet.  We've retired all of our 6 month stuff and are moving into 9 month wear.

We watched the Aggie bball game this afternoon, and Daddy treated us to Sonic for lunch.  I have an allergy food app that helps me find things that I can eat at a few fast food restaurants.  After practically no take-out for a few months, I sure have enjoyed a few Sonic burgers (on wheat buns with mustard).  I also put this (sans soy sauce) in the crock pot for dinner.  It is pretty tasty and didn't require a trip to the grocery store.

Two of Travis's favorite toys are the tv remote and the portable phone.  In an attempt to bribe him with his own version, I picked up a baby version of both.  Here he is loving on his Sesame Street remote.  Too funny.

We also took a family outing to the Arlington Museum of Art.  Brandon and I volunteer with the Youth Program of Leadership Arlington, and our session on Arts & Culture is on Monday.  The students will spend some time in the museum on Monday, so we wanted to put together an activity for them to do while they walk around.  A scavenger hunt of sorts.

In milestone news, Travis can pretty much sit up by himself for a little while.  It all just depends on how much he is moving.  Yesterday, at baby massage class, he sat up for a few minutes all by himself.  Just ask Krista!!  I had my legs spread around him, but wasn't touching him.  He was just listening to the presentation like such a big boy!

We are loving this Spring weather - FINALLY!!


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