Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break, Part 1

We traveled to Lubbock for Spring Break last week.  We had fun, sun, and SNOW!  Weird weather for sure, but it was just a minor bump in Travis's longest vacation yet.  Me, Travis, and my dad (Grandpa) drove to Lubbock on Wednesday.  The iPhone came in handy the last 30 minutes, but other than that, Travis traveled like a champ.  Lovey, Auntie Gayle, Grana, Aunt Freda, and Uncle Gil were all patiently awaiting our arrival.  Travis has grown a ton since Christmas, and everybody wanted to get their fair share of squeezes!

Pop came home and immediately proceeded to scare the living daylights out of Travis.  Travis was not amused by Pop's jumping out from the couch and yelling "Boo!".  Travis and Pop finally made up the next day, but the rest of that night, Travis was definitely giving Pop the side eye.  Too funny.

Rockin' some serious bed head on Thursday morning!


I got lots of pics of Travis looking at the camera, but none with the adults looking.  Funny!


By far, Travis's favorite thing at Lovey & Pop's was all of the animals. Their kitty cat's are way more friendly than Angel, and all of the puppies were so good with him! Even when his petting wasn't very soft.


No trip to Lovey and Pop's is complete without a new toy! Check out Travis's new bongo set!

This is Daddy saying "play soft" for the millionth time!  Precious (aka Miss P) just kept coming back for more!

Our "after Travis's bedtime" activities included New Moon and Scrabble!  I was 2-0 thankyouverymuch!


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