Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy 3 Month Birthday!

Travis spent this morning at the allergist.  We were able to confirm that he is allergic to dairy and soy so I am going to be going dairy and soy free for a while.  The allergist was confident that he will outgrow these.  It is going to be harder on me for a while, but so worth it to be able to continue breastfeeding him.

You may have noticed that Brandon and I have each written him a little note on his birthdays.  We are branching out now so you'll see each of our folks, siblings, etc. writing them from here on out.  I know that they will be something for him to cherish forever.

Here's his 3 Month Picture(s):

Click for his 1 Month Pic and his 2 Month Pic!

My dearest Travis…

When you can read this you will already be such a big boy. I know you will grow up to be handsome, kind, funny, wise, sensitive, interesting, and very smart. Your Mom and Dad are all of these things and they will show you and teach you amazing things…all the good things…pay attention. I know you will be a strong, incredible person with lots to give the people of the world. I hope you put all of these wonderful things you possess to make yourself and the world around you a better place to live. I wish you a wonderful happy life!

You will have some bad days, yes. But that’s ok, it will make you appreciate the good ones. You will have disappointments and failures but that’s ok too as you will have all the right skills and tools to be able to handle them.

I will pray for you everyday, and you will be so blessed in so many ways. Take all those blessings inside you and share with others that have less than you. Take care of the land, the trees, the sky and all God’s creatures - they will need someone like you. Be a loyal friend; one people can count on and trust. Work hard in everything you do - it’s good for you and will keep you out of trouble. I hope we will always be close.

Travis, I love you with all my heart and I promise you that I will …

Always be there when you need me, always be ready to defend you,
Always hold you when you cry, always keep you safe and warm,
Always hug you really tight, and always tell you what I think,
Always want better for you, always give you what I can and teach you what I know,
Always dry your tears and calm you fears, always kiss away the pain,
Always be your number one fan and cheer really loud, always be proud of you,
Always show you new things, always be someone you trust and be your friend,
Always protect you, be patient with you, and always cry for joy,
Always make you smile, giggle, laugh and sing silly songs,
Always be a big part of your life, and always try hard not to embarrass you,
Always have a dog for you to chase and a place for you to run and play,
Always let you be a baby, let you be a big boy, let you do it,
Always be just a phone call away, always wait for every new picture,
Always make it better, always listen, always hold your hand and let you sit in my lap,
Always take you to neat places, make funny faces, and always have cookies,
Always pray for you,
Always love you.


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