Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monkeying Around in Texas City

Our weekend trip to Texas City was a huge success.  Travis traveled like a champ and it was great to visit Uncle Mickey.  We got to see where he has been staying and working.  This was also Travis's first halloween.  We almost went to Galveston for lunch, but we weren't sure if Travis (or us) was ready to fight the crowds from this.

Locked and loaded and ready to be put in the car.  Travis slept most of the way and we stopped once for Travis to have a snack.

We had several halloween outfits to work through over the weekend!

It is so funny to watch T's emotions swing so quickly.  He was just fine, but maybe a touch sick of the hat.

I'm pretty sure Travis will make us pay for this one day.  In fact, he is pretty much saying so in his look to his dad.

We got to take a tour of Dunn, and Travis even got to try his hand at this whole desk job business.

We spent the afternoon watching football.  Ags win!  Smiles ensue.

We were sad to leave, but are looking forward to seeing Uncle Mickey in just a few weeks.  Travis is working on his blog post highlighting his first meet and greet with Elizabeth - so stay tuned!


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