Thursday, October 27, 2011

Go Rangers Go!

Dada got to go with Uncle Trent to the ALCS Game 6.  We celebrated at home in our baseball gear!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cutest Pumpkins in the Patch!

 The Dallas Arboretum takes pumpkin patch to a whole new level!  It is CRAZY!  I booked a photo session there so we hauled our crew along too.  Thank goodness Nana was able to go!

This dude is seriously the cutest little boy!

Not a big fan of dirt or water on his hands!

Not so sure about Noah crashing his pumpkin pics.

Quite possibly my favorite T picture ever!

He's bringing back the Zoolander!

Love his "cheese!"  A photographer's worst nightmare, but a mommy's happy face!

Nana was the hero of the day!!


Never caught a picture mid-sneeze.  Dis-gust-ing!!!

Not loving this patch!

Much better! 

Lovey whipped this outfit up one weekend.  I seriously had 5 or 6 people comment on her cuteness!  I could put ruffles on EVERYTHING!

Sweet brother/sister pumpkin pics!  She was reaching for him and he was getting "tickled" by sister which he thought was awesome!

Floating heads!

Here is my big boy.  He said "mama, snack please".  I handed him some pretzels and off he went to sit on the bench. 


Pumpkin hat!