Monday, October 24, 2011

Hands Full, Hearts Fuller

Let me be honest. The thought of having two kiddos this close together completly freaked me the heck out.  I really was nervous!  I thought it was going to be harder than anything I've ever done before.  I thought it was going to be constantly challenging and exhausting and that I was going to have to lean on all sorts of people to help me.

Well, let me just tell you, I was sooooo right!  It's hard and tiring and I'm constantly leaning on Brandon, family, and GOD!  Two kids has sort of sucked away my "quiet time" and instead replaced it with one continuous "non-quiet" time of prayer.  God, grant me patience and endurance and wisdom and patience and some more patience.... are constant prayers, but along with those requests, I'm constantly praising Him for the abundant blessings that surround me.  I seriously would crack my face if I smiled any more.  I have two healthy, beautiful children, an amazing and supportive husband who works his tail off lawyering all day only to come home to help me fold the clothes or unload the dishwasher, real friends to laugh and commiserate with, and a great and helpful family. 

Travis is such a fun little guy.  I love how he is so verbal and expressive, and it is awesome carrying on conversations with him.  He is such a little human and not a baby anymore.  The other day he said "not these shoes, those shoes."  To me that use of pronouns is sort of like rocket science.  He is getting more interested in Maryn and loves that she smiles back at him now.  He is hitting her less and less and now wants to get kisses from her!  Praise the Lord that the hitting phase is ending!!  When Maryn is crying, he will say "baby sister sad, make happy."  He is very concerned with her well-being obviously. :)  He has figured out that " 's " signals possessive so he has gotten into the habit of saying "My's" when he is not in the mood for sharing.  Although it isn't exactly grammatically correct, it's still pretty darn cute.

Maryn is so alert.  She is able to control her arms and loves grabbing on to anything and everything.  We set up the exersaucer and she loves it.  Travis has been great playing at showing her how it all works. :)  Little stinker WILL NOT take a bottle so mama doesn't get to stray far from home.  She has also started really giggling.  Literally nothing more precious in the world.

So, yes, our hands are full. 
Brandon and I are overworked and under-rested.  We've always got dishes to do and laundry to fold.
Am I looking forward to the first adult-only meal we get to have at a restaurant? Yes. 
Am I looking forward to an uninterrupted night where I sleep til 9? Sure, in like 18 years.
Are we so ridiculously happy that we just can barely stand it?  You betcha! 
Wouldn't trade it for the world!

Our sweet heartbeats!

(no one was injured in the making of these photographs - praise sweet Jesus!)

We are taking the clan to Lubbock this weekend so Maryn can meet the rest of the family.
Writing all these sentences made my head hurt so be looking for some picture-only posts this week. :)

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  1. Aw, thanks for your sweet words. I had my first meltdown (in a while anyways) about labor and delivery and then having two kids under two last week. But, it's encouraging to know that you're doing it and loving it (albeit tired, but that's okay). :-)