Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kissing Cousins

This is Kyler - he is Travis's only cousin for now. He turned 8 in March and is so sweet and fun! At first he wasn't too sure about the baby in Aunt Gara's stomach, but I think the idea has grown on him. I know that he will be so tender with Travis.

A few precious stories about Kyler from our visit to Lubbock a few weeks back:

1. Kyler did not know what to think about the 3-D ultrasound pics. They totally grossed him out especially the one where Travis has his foot up by his face. He thought that didn't look too comfy so he tried to tell T - "Dude, you gotta quit doing that."

2. Once Kyler warmed up to the idea of Travis in the belly, he'd get down to the belly and say "Travis, this is your cousin, Kyler, I'm going to put my hand on your mom's belly button and I want you to kick it, okay?" After a few minutes (which is like an eternity for an 8 year old), Travis gladly obliged and Kyler was on cloud nine!

3. We all watched the video version of the 3-D ultrasound pics. There were like 10-12 peeps in the room - pretty much the whole family!!! Well about the time that a shot of Travis's boy parts flashed on the screen. Kyler said "Mom, that looks like a nut." OMG - we all about died! It was so funny.

Can't wait to see what fun times and memories they will make together!


Monday, July 27, 2009

TK Shower

Several of my work peeps organized a baby luncheon on Friday. I am so blessed to work at a place that has been so supportive during this pregnancy. I can't wait to bring baby Travis to meet all of his TK family.

He got his pack-n-play, exersaucer, and extra car seat base. Plus, a super cute outfit from big Travis (my most awesome associate mentor who tells everyone that I'm naming the baby after him) and his sweet wife. We were truly amazed with everyone's overwhelming generosity.

We played a cute game where everybody brought baby pics and we projected them on the screen and tried to guess who it was. It was so hard, but fun!!

Do you know who this is???

Special thanks to Deb and all of my other hostesses for all of their work and support in organizing this for me and baby T.


Friday, July 24, 2009

34 Weeks

Wow - only 42 days to go!

How far along?: 34 weeks.
Total weight gain: I am guessing up a few pounds from 2 weeks ago. We have our dr's appt this afternoon so we will know for sure. I feel like I'm starting to plateau - thank the LORD - so hopefully haven't added too much weight to myself and more just to T-man.
How big is baby?: I'm thinking 5 lbs. He's a honeydew melon, fruitly speaking.
Maternity clothes?: Totally. In fact, I've had to buy some more in a LARGE! I'm done buying them so if you see me in the same outfit, it is because that is all that fits. I'd recommend telling me I look adorable. :)
Stretch marks?: None on the belly, but I'm afraid I may get some around the belly button - the skin is looking awfully stretched.
Sleep?: A pretty good week.
Best moment this week?: I had a dream last night where Travis was already here and he was just perfect. I think he was talking to me right after he arrived - that part was kinda creepy - but it was so neat to see him.
Movement?: He is definitely getting cramped. He still seems most active after dinner until bedtime. Brandon says that sometimes he watches my belly move after I've already gone to sleep. So cute.
Food cravings?: Not really. Little sis, Mona, did bring me another dozen kolaches on her way back to Arlington from Austin. So sweet of her. Of course, I ate them!!! We're having Pappadeaux's with family tonight so I'm looking forward to the greek salad and the sweet potato pie. :)
Labor signs?: None.
Belly button in or out?: Flat.
What I miss: Being able to tie my shoes without breaking a sweat! Although, it has been several weeks since being able to do this anyways.
What I'm looking forward to: Work shower today with my TK family and shower tomorrow with our Ag Workers family and friends. We are soooo blessed.
Milestone: We received T's travel system (Thanks so much, Billie & Ross) so it was fun putting (read: watching Brandon put) it together. He also put together the swing and we've been enjoying looking at them and touching them. It is really setting in that he is almost here!

Will report in next week on awesome weekend full of showers!


Friday, July 17, 2009

River Crest Country Club Shower

Last Saturday, I was so blessed to have Travis's second baby shower. This was such an awesome girlfriend-centric shower. It was held at the beautiful River Crest Country Club. It was truly special!

The shower was hosted by 9 very dear friends. Amy (bestie from law school), Jeanie (Amy's mom and my adopted Tarrant County mama), Kendel (bestie from law school), Emily & Alicia (wives of friends from law school and FW besties), Jenni (friend from law school and FW bestie), Kelli & Brooke (besties from high school), and Julie (my newest bestie for life).

Me, Amy, & Kendel

Me & Julie

Me, Kelli, April, Brooke, & Amanda (ALL OF MY BESTIES FROM SHALLOWATER!! Just like old times!)

Me, Kimberly, & Heather (2 of my besties from A&M). All four of my bridesmaids from my wedding were there which was just amazing. Kimberly, Heather, Amanda (see above), and Sonnet (my oldest sis).

Once again, Travis got some amazing loot!

The hostesses paid to have my bedding made. It turned out so amazing!

Our dear friend, Abby, helped us coordinate getting it made! Thanks so much, Abby!!

Thanks to all who traveled and attended. I love each of you so much and can't wait for you all to be such a special part of Travis's life. He will have more aunties than he will know what to do with!!!

Here is a link to all the pics.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

2 Peas in a Pod, Bumps on a Log, etc.

Kimberly (aka Partner in Crime) stayed at our house this weekend to attend my second baby shower. So sweet of her to make the trip, and I absolutely loved spending time with her. We had such a good time swapping all of the goodies that we'd been accumulating for the opposite gender. She has gotten pretty crafty, and I loved opening all of my crafted gifts. So cute and useful.

After the shower, I conned her into letting me take some maternity pics of her. She is just gorgeous and definitely sports the maternal glow.

Of course, my mom insisted that she take some of the both of us. It was fun to compare bumps. We are carrying Travis and Elizabeth very differently. Maybe it is just the boy/girl thing.

I can't wait to see her again - we've already started scheduling our first playdate in late fall.


Monday, July 13, 2009

32 Weeks

I was 32 weeks on Friday, but had a very busy and blessed weekend so I'm just getting around to this!

How far along?: 32 weeks.
Total weight gain: Up 5 lbs. from 2 weeks ago. ACK! Apparently that is my current trend. Brandon did remind me that I was at mom's for over a week so I definitely did not starve!!
How big is baby?: 4+ lbs. This is his last week as squash so he's gotta be a huge squash. Next week he's a pineapple. Don't want to think about delivering a pineapple so we'd like for him to stay snug until he's a watermelon. Bigger, but less prickly. HA!
Maternity clothes?: Totally. Although, I bought a few non-maternity shirts in XXL. They were only $5 at Target!
Stretch marks?: None on the belly. The ones on my saddle bags are this new awesome purple color.
Sleep?: Decent. Hot, very hot. Poor Brandon, poor Angel (our kitty cat who tries to get under the covers because she is freezing) and poor us when we pay the electricity bill.
Best moment this week?: Getting to spend the weekend with Kimberly, Kendel, mom, sisters, and all of my super special guests at my baby shower in FW.
Movement?: Dr. said she thinks he is already head down and doesn't think he will switch back. This is an answered prayer as we've been praying that he doesn't end up breech like his dad. It has been fun to watch his back switch sides and feel his little feet on the opposite side.
Food cravings?: Does it count if they are created??? Abby, a dear friend who was coming from Austin for my shower, texted on Friday night if I wanted anything from the czech bakery in West, Texas. I almost threw out my texting thumbs responding so quickly. MUST HAVE STRAWBERRY CREAM CHEESE KOLACHES. She was such a dear and delivered a dozen to my house on Friday night. Bless you, Abby. Before you even ask - I totally shared, but I have banned Brandon from consuming the last one.
Labor signs?: None.
Belly button in or out?: Flat. I did have my first little bit of "outie" envy, but it quickly passed. Kimberly has the cutest little outie.
What I miss: Ankle bones.
What I'm looking forward to: Going to Baby Basics class with Brandon on Monday and Wednesday nights. I know that Brandon is going to be such an awesome dad, and I'm excited about seeing him in action. It will be nice to get some refreshers about everything. Pepper (B's mom) got him this awesome Baby Instruction Manual for Father's Day (along with a fabulous Aggie Diaper Backpack for game days) that is so cute - it is literally little diagrams for everything. We've enjoyed reading it together!
Milestone: We'll hit 50 days left on Thursday. Holy Cow!

Also, Travis got his first personalized bible on Saturday. I feel like this is such a milestone for him. It is so important for us to bring Travis up in a Christian home, and I can only imagine that one of our proudest days as parents will be when he accepts Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Amanda, my best friend since we were 10 and college roommate, gave it to him at the shower. I have so many memories of us and our Precious Moments bibles so it was such a thoughtful and fitting gift to come from her.

We also met with our pediatrician on Friday - everything clicked perfectly and am so glad to have that item checked off our list.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lubbock Shower

My first of 3 baby showers for baby Travis was on 6/27 in Lubbock at my Nannie's house. It was so wonderful to celebrate his upcoming arrival with so many of my family and friends. The guests spanned my whole life - so many family members, Brooke who I've been friends with since we were 10, my second family growing up - Barbara and Ashley (I get to see Amanda this weekend!), Angie, a dear and special friend from law school, Marcy, an A&M and law school buddy, etc. I could go on and on and on. I am so honored to share this special time with so many ladies that are so dear to me (and one very special man who crashed the shower).

My hostesses: Aunt Elva, Aunt Vicki, Aunt Mary, and Big Sis Sonnet. Cousin Tammie isn't pictured.

The awesome hostess gift - not sure where I'm going to put it, but it looks so cute in Travis's buckaroo nursery.

The super-cute diaper cake that mom made.

It is now my new dining room centerpiece until we have to start dismantling it!

Me, my mom (Lovey), and Brandon's mom (Pepper)

Me with Travis's great-grandmothers - my Grana (mom's mom) and my Nannie (Kelly's mom)

Me and Travis's aunties - Big Sis Sonnet and Little Sis Mona. Obviously, our height and age do not correlate.

I got so many amazing gifts for Travis. I got homemade blankets from Angie's mother-in-law and from Grandma Elizabeth (Amanda & Ashley's grandma) that I will treasure always. Pepper got him this amazing King Ranch blanket that is so soft. We also got a few key items like his swing, bouncer, bumbo, etc. that I am so grateful for. These are homemade hooded towels that Ashley made - they are so awesome and will be useful for many many years.

My Uncle Tommy crashed the shower and brought me the greatest gift that he picked out all by himself. It was Travis's first pair of Wrangler jeans and his first pearl snap shirt. Of course, boots were included to match!!!

Me and Mudpie - Travis's new stick horse from the hostesses. Soooo cute. It goes Neigh Neigh when you squeeze its ear.

Brandon swung by just in time to get a snack and help load the loot. This is us in front of this amazing wooden sign that mom made for our front yard when Travis arrives. It is sooooo cute. Kelly cut it out and Aunt Hollie helped paint it.

Here are all the pics from the shower.

Thanks to everyone who made this shower so special! Travis is a very lucky little boy already.

All our love and appreciation, Brandon & Gara

Monday, July 6, 2009

To tide you over...

I'm working on a post highlighting my awesome shower in Lubbock, but to tide you over, I'll post a couple of pics that I needed to post about.

This pic is at 27 weeks (so 3 1/2 weeks ago - June 5th). Pops and I are belly to belly!! Nana and Pops took Brandon and I to Del Frisco's and then to see Always Patsy Cline at Casa Manana for Brandon's birthday (his bday is 2/1 - but he got a gift certificate for this night back then). I love homemade certificates like this - it is stuff that we rarely do for ourselves, but always really enjoy. The show was great, and we helped bring down the average age of the audience by a bunch! Thanks Nana and Pops.

This is a pic of some more of Lovey's crafts. I'm telling you - Travis will be set on bibs, burp cloths, and blankets!!!

I spent all of last week in Lubbock recovering from lip surgery. I had a basal cell carcinoma removed, and my mom got to be my nurse. I did plenty of resting and spent plenty of time watching her craft. I interjected my genius where appropriate but pretty much left it to the pro. HA! My mom is absolutely amazing. Seriously there is no end to her talents. It was great hanging out with her, and I miss her already. Glad that she and my big sis will be here this weekend for another shower. We are so blessed!! I love you mom!

We have another doctor's appointment on Friday and are interviewing a pediatrician for Travis. I'm getting a list together of questions to ask the pedi, so please post if you have any suggestions.