Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kissing Cousins

This is Kyler - he is Travis's only cousin for now. He turned 8 in March and is so sweet and fun! At first he wasn't too sure about the baby in Aunt Gara's stomach, but I think the idea has grown on him. I know that he will be so tender with Travis.

A few precious stories about Kyler from our visit to Lubbock a few weeks back:

1. Kyler did not know what to think about the 3-D ultrasound pics. They totally grossed him out especially the one where Travis has his foot up by his face. He thought that didn't look too comfy so he tried to tell T - "Dude, you gotta quit doing that."

2. Once Kyler warmed up to the idea of Travis in the belly, he'd get down to the belly and say "Travis, this is your cousin, Kyler, I'm going to put my hand on your mom's belly button and I want you to kick it, okay?" After a few minutes (which is like an eternity for an 8 year old), Travis gladly obliged and Kyler was on cloud nine!

3. We all watched the video version of the 3-D ultrasound pics. There were like 10-12 peeps in the room - pretty much the whole family!!! Well about the time that a shot of Travis's boy parts flashed on the screen. Kyler said "Mom, that looks like a nut." OMG - we all about died! It was so funny.

Can't wait to see what fun times and memories they will make together!


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