Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Festivities

The kids got a "car slide" (their term in lieu of roller coaster) from Pepper.  Crazy enough, Lovey also bought one.  What are the odds?!?  They love it, and I'm thankful for our giant playroom!

Miss Emma brought the kiddos some goodies, 
and we sent her home with some "art" and a framed picture of the kiddos.

Lemon Pie is still a favorite around here!

The kids were beyond blessed with loot from our awesome families!  I don't know why I even contemplate buying them any presents to wrap - we almost always pull them back and put them in the closet for a rainy day.

Lovey & Pop picked up the giant indoor slide instead of the car slide - also a huge hit!

Doesn't everyone open gifts naked on the coffee table?  What, really, no?

Our special Nana, PaPaw, and step-aunts, Hope & Sam!

Christmas Morning!

Yeah, that is where Maryn and I had been sleeping.  Proof that I slept on ottomans for my dear daughter.

Super fun that Pepper, Tom, and Uncle Blake and Aunt Kim were able to be with us for Christmas morning!

S-C-O-O-T-E-R-S for everyone!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Cookie Lifestyle Session

Our friend Laura came to our house to document Christmas Cookie 2012.  Such a fun time had by all and its nice to have me and Mona in the same picture (since she often gets camera duty so I can be in some!).  The lifestyle session is a new photography craze, and I love it. 
In our case, this is absolutely real life (but with makeup and clean clothes!).