Monday, January 31, 2011

Quack Quack Waddle Waddle

We had some gorgeous January weather all weekend so we talked Dada into leaving work a little early on Fridan and meeting us to feed the ducks!

He's all ... are you seeing this??

Liked the idea of feeding the ducks much more in theory than in practice...

Love this father/son twin stance!

Yep, Maryn and I were in attendance too!  Why I must I always grow my children in my rear as well as my belly??

Thanks mama for this awesome bread snack!

These boys make my heart melt!


Some serious action shots!


Dear Baby Blog

One of my photography client's (and friend) cousin is the author of the Dear Baby Blog.  Although I totally stalk lots of mommy blogs, I had missed this one.  Laura (another client and friend) brought it to my attention and swears she has lots of followers.  Looks like this post got lots of "likes."  Looking forward to lots more photo sessions with Miss Embrey!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Maryn Rochelle Hill - due 6/11/11!  I will do a whole separate post on her name, but I'm so glad that Brandon and I went into this whole thing two years ago with one boy and one girl name.  We were a little stumped on what to call H2 if she had been a boy!

We had a "quickie" ultrasound at 17 weeks (the above pictures are from it), and they told us then that the baby was a girl.  I actually ran and did it while Brandon stayed here with Travis so I just kept my eyes closed so that we could open the envelope together at home.  She said she was 100% sure on January 3rd, but I was keeping that pretty close to the vest until we had our 20 week ultrasound which was this morning.  I had seen too many stories of babies sprouting penises during that window.  :)  We loved hearing that we are for sure having a baby girl, but more importantly that all of her measurements and organs were all right on track.  She measured 9.2 inches and 13 oz. today.  We are all thrilled and can't wait to complete our family with Miss Maryn.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

This, my friends, is what you call progress...

I'm trying to decide if H2 (due 6/11/11) will fit better in a dresser drawer or on top of the washing machine.  Have also contemplated removing dining table and replacing with pack n play.  I'm guessing our family of 3 will grow into a family of 4 in our 874 sq foot "apartment home."  :)


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Verbal Explosion

At Travis's 15 month appointment, we could only come up with 5 or 6 words that he could say to tell the pediatrician - ya know ... mama, dada, ball, etc.  In the past month or 6 weeks, his vocabulary has totally taken off, and he adds new words daily.  It is so fun seeing him "talking" and figuring out that words help you get what you want.  This stage is soooo fun!  Here is a list of his current words:

Muffin - Ravioli - Grilled Cheese - Bowl - Button - Bubble - Stamp - Star - Chicken - Banana - Water -Block - Diaper - Uh-oh - Waffle - Ball - Light - Bottle - Duck - Dog - Cheese - Basketball - On - Off -
Strawberry - Hop - Hot - Broccoli - Mum-mum - Watermelon - Cracker - Cookie - Angel - Buster - Shelby - Mama - Dada - Grandpa - Lovey - Pop - Papaw - Nana - Pepper (43 words)

It took us forever to get him saying all the grandparents' names.  We practiced and practiced.  He knew who they were both in person and in picture.  We had a board book made with all the photos, and he could point to everyone, but just refused to say them.  Over Christmas, he had picked up on all of Lovey and Pop's animals and was saying Buster and Shelby within 2 days.  Little stinker was totally just playing us.  By the end of the week, he was dropping everybody's names and now says them all like an all-star.

We are so blessed by this growing boy!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Years with the Red Raiders at the Anatole!

Lovey and Pop were in Dallas for the Ticket City Bowl with the entire Red Raider team and coaching staff.  Travis, Brandon, and I spent Thursday and Friday nights at the team hotel hanging out.  The whole experience was really neat, and it was fun to see Lovey wheeling and dealing in her element.

The Hilton Anatole was uber-modern, but had lots of wide open spaces which was excellent for T.

Lovey, I am soooo not falling for that trick. 
I'm wearing the shirt, but that is all you are gonna get out of me.

Yummo - a trip to Campisi's and Paciugo.

Travis made a friend at Paciugo.  His name was Noah.  Thought T was gonna lick his belly, but thankfully just pointed out his belly button.

T handling some of Pop's very important business.

Lovey and Pop before their New Year's Eve team festivities.  Brandon and I ordered in room service and dessert and were asleep by 10 pm.  Just like I like it.