Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Day (and all the other random pics to wrap up 2010)

I told ya'll we had a busy and amazingly blessed CHRISTmas season!  This is the last Christmas post so it gets a bit random.  :)  Since Travis had a million wrapped gifts and a uber-small attention span, he got to open presents the whole time.  This is Christmas morning and he is still going.  It was nice because he had a little more time to enjoy each one too.

As expected, he actually loved the box (or in this case Grayson inside the box) the very most!

Grayson was totally playing with Travis here, and I had never heard sweeter belly laughs from my son!  It was ridiculously cute!

Showing Grandpa his hoop skills!

The kid loved him some egg nog.

Grana and "two" of her great-grandchildren.

Lovey's gift that Aunt Momo made her - very neat!!

Aunt Momo opening her GPS from us - she NEEDED it!

Aww, Linny from Aunt Momo!

Toys everywhere!!!

A little outside fun with the folks!

Travis's second Santa letter!

All those toys and he still finds the tupperware cabinet.

New "lid" from Grandpa.

Snack time with Pop.

Working off the Christmas feast on the bike.

We had BBQ at Grandpa's on Sunday so that we could see Uncle Mickey.  We figured it was much safer us going to him than him coming to the germy house.  So glad we got a visit in - even if it was brief.


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