Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Maryn Rochelle Hill - due 6/11/11!  I will do a whole separate post on her name, but I'm so glad that Brandon and I went into this whole thing two years ago with one boy and one girl name.  We were a little stumped on what to call H2 if she had been a boy!

We had a "quickie" ultrasound at 17 weeks (the above pictures are from it), and they told us then that the baby was a girl.  I actually ran and did it while Brandon stayed here with Travis so I just kept my eyes closed so that we could open the envelope together at home.  She said she was 100% sure on January 3rd, but I was keeping that pretty close to the vest until we had our 20 week ultrasound which was this morning.  I had seen too many stories of babies sprouting penises during that window.  :)  We loved hearing that we are for sure having a baby girl, but more importantly that all of her measurements and organs were all right on track.  She measured 9.2 inches and 13 oz. today.  We are all thrilled and can't wait to complete our family with Miss Maryn.



  1. we are halfway there to meeting you, maryn! we love you and are so excited to meet you and have you join us! so many friends and family are ready to spoil you rotten and buy you lots of frilly stuff!

  2. Congratulations! We are in the exact same boat. The doctor was 99% sure it's a girl after the last ultrasound, but we're hoping she doesn't have a penis at the big ultrasound next week. I'm sure you are relieved to be able to start planning.

  3. Awesome! Congraulations! And I absolutely love the name Maryn!

  4. Glad Maryn is healthy and growing well! Look forward to hearing more about her name.