Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

Christmas Eve was a low-key, pajama wearing, chili-eating, and relaxing evening with our most immediate peeps.  Aunt Momo was still a little under the weather, and we banned Uncle Mickey from venturing out to the house of germs, but other than that, it was a blessed time!

Travis helping Sheila (Lovey's house helper) vacuum.  Can't wait til he can man this chore all by himself.

T and Grandpa - check out T's kicks.

This dancing frog was one of T's favorite gifts.  Hysterical!

Rough life being a kitty cat at Lovey & Pop's house.

Uncle Brad, Aunt Sonnet, and Cousin Kyler

Our little family of "4".

Lovey, Pop, and their grandsons

Travis would say "Wow" after every gift.  Super cute.

He really wanted Pop's new plier set.

Bangin' the drum!

Eating the drumstick.

Aww.  New horsey pillow pal.

Another great Christmas with the family!  Next year should be a whole new adventure.


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