Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas with the Shermans!!

On Thursday (Christmas Eve Eve), we had our annual Nannie's Christmas with Pop's side of the family.  Although not technically blood relatives, they have been a part of my life and me theirs for 22 years so they are definitely part of my (and now Travis's) family too.  We catered yummy italian food (nice to not have to cook for once) and just enjoyed hanging out.  The kiddos exchange presents and we are not short of kiddos so it was super fun!

Travis and his "twins".  What a difference a year makes - same trio last year.

Not too keen on sharing so he just rolled it out of the way.

We surprised Aunt Momo with a graduation party!!

iPhone stealer.

Wish they lived down the street - they could come in super handy over the next few years!

He loved the kitty cat wrapping paper from Aunt Sonnet best of all!

Hello pregnant person!

Just a small part of the clan!


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