Saturday, January 15, 2011

Verbal Explosion

At Travis's 15 month appointment, we could only come up with 5 or 6 words that he could say to tell the pediatrician - ya know ... mama, dada, ball, etc.  In the past month or 6 weeks, his vocabulary has totally taken off, and he adds new words daily.  It is so fun seeing him "talking" and figuring out that words help you get what you want.  This stage is soooo fun!  Here is a list of his current words:

Muffin - Ravioli - Grilled Cheese - Bowl - Button - Bubble - Stamp - Star - Chicken - Banana - Water -Block - Diaper - Uh-oh - Waffle - Ball - Light - Bottle - Duck - Dog - Cheese - Basketball - On - Off -
Strawberry - Hop - Hot - Broccoli - Mum-mum - Watermelon - Cracker - Cookie - Angel - Buster - Shelby - Mama - Dada - Grandpa - Lovey - Pop - Papaw - Nana - Pepper (43 words)

It took us forever to get him saying all the grandparents' names.  We practiced and practiced.  He knew who they were both in person and in picture.  We had a board book made with all the photos, and he could point to everyone, but just refused to say them.  Over Christmas, he had picked up on all of Lovey and Pop's animals and was saying Buster and Shelby within 2 days.  Little stinker was totally just playing us.  By the end of the week, he was dropping everybody's names and now says them all like an all-star.

We are so blessed by this growing boy!



  1. Way to go Travis!! Owen doesn't get many words in yet with a chatty big sister :)

  2. Love the talking! Ravioli is pretty hard to say. Addison is a big fan of "outta way," "read!" and "no no no"