Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Years with the Red Raiders at the Anatole!

Lovey and Pop were in Dallas for the Ticket City Bowl with the entire Red Raider team and coaching staff.  Travis, Brandon, and I spent Thursday and Friday nights at the team hotel hanging out.  The whole experience was really neat, and it was fun to see Lovey wheeling and dealing in her element.

The Hilton Anatole was uber-modern, but had lots of wide open spaces which was excellent for T.

Lovey, I am soooo not falling for that trick. 
I'm wearing the shirt, but that is all you are gonna get out of me.

Yummo - a trip to Campisi's and Paciugo.

Travis made a friend at Paciugo.  His name was Noah.  Thought T was gonna lick his belly, but thankfully just pointed out his belly button.

T handling some of Pop's very important business.

Lovey and Pop before their New Year's Eve team festivities.  Brandon and I ordered in room service and dessert and were asleep by 10 pm.  Just like I like it.


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