Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy 1 Month Birthday!

STOP THE PRESSES - THE UMBILICAL CORD IS OFF!!!  Finally!  What a way to memorialize being one month old.

Brandon came home early to help us celebrate T-man's 1 month birthday.  We took a walk in the park and topped the evening off with a cupcake.

A popular trend in the blogosphere is to document each month's birthday with a picture next to a teddy bear.  I am using a bear from FAO Schwartz that Brandon got me on our first trip to New York together in 2001.  I hope these get easier....  :)

The saying on this picture about sums about it up...

Sweet baby Travis,

I cannot believe that I lived almost 29 years without you in my life. In the past month, you have brought me more joy and pride and love than I have ever known. Your arrival has deepened my love for your daddy and for your grandparents in more ways than I can explain.

I can't believe that you have already been here a month. You have changed so much already, and I know that the next few months hold even bigger changes in store. I love watching you eat knowing that it will make you grow bigger and stronger and watching you sleep knowing that is when you are doing all of your growing. I am looking forward to seeing your personality develop and your physical characteristics take shape.

Your daddy and I are trying to soak in every sound, smell, and moment. Keep on growing, but don't change too fast. I love you.

Always yours,


  1. Happy 1 month bday Travis! Love the photos and the sweet note. So glad you guys are enjoying him so much :)

  2. He is just too sweet. I hate that we haven't had a chance to meet him yet - sometime soon, hopefully.

  3. Oh Gara, too sweet! Loved your labor story; it got me all choked-up! It just keeps getting better and better!