Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm 3 Weeks Old!

I turned 3 weeks old on 9/15/09.  Seems like just yesterday I was making my arrival into the world, but I've already grown and learned so much in my little life.  This is a picture from my "birthday".

I weigh 9 lbs 6.2 oz.  I'm a good (and speedy) eater, and mom is apparently a holstein.
I recently discovered my lungs.  Most of the time I only squak when I need something, but occasionally I like to keep my folks on their toes.
My new favorite thing to do is to pull my daddy's chest hair when he is holding me.  I'm sure it will make me giggle (when I start giggling) when dad squeals.
I've had several blow outs already and have given mom two different spitup baths.  She doesn't seem to mind.
I tolerate tummy time pretty well for a few minutes at a time.
I fart like a man.
I've outgrown my newborn socks, and my newborn clothes are getting kinda snug.
I still have my umbilical cord.  Hopefully, it will fall off in the next week.  Mom says my new neck rolls are getting stinky.
Well, gotta go, I'm late for nap.


  1. Happy 3 week "birthday" Mr T Man! Sounds like you are growing and progressing perfectly :) Can't wait to meet you! Tell your mom & dad hello.

  2. travis, you are so cute. happy birthday!

  3. love it. can't believe he is already three weeks - where does the time go??

  4. He writes really well for 3 weeks. But then we knew he would be smart. The time is going by soooo fast. x