Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas at Pepper's

The Friday and Saturday before Christmas Travis, Brandon, and I came down with the Stomach Bug of 2010.  It was a doozy and, thankfully, short lived.  Brandon hadn't been hit yet at lunchtime on Saturday so he and Travis met Nana, Papaw, and the girls for a Christmas lunch.  I slept.  By lunchtime on Sunday, we were feeling much better (although not 100%) and braved a trip to Pepper's for lunch and Christmas.  I'm sure they wish we would have stayed home after we infected Pepper, Clyde, and Aunt Kimmie about 36 hours later.  Merry early Christmas - yikes!!  Travis got sick on Friday night a few times, but never really acted like he felt too bad so we were glad we toughed it out so that he could get his first taste of opening presents at Pepper's house.

In my semi-sick stupor, I left spare pants at home.  Not smart when explosive poop is a symptom!  Good thing it was pretty warm and my kid enjoys pantsless holidays.

Being Santa's little helper and delivering gifts to Clyde.

Doing the pantsless Christmas dance!!

My future is so bright!!

I took about 600 photos of our Christmas adventures in Lubbock so they will cover a few posts!

Happy New Year!


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  1. So sorry about the stomach bug...we endured it mid Nov :(