Friday, November 27, 2009

Baby's First Thanksgiving

I was even more popular than the turkey today!  I was passed around like a sack of potatoes and loved every minute (well, almost every minute).  I spent my first thanksgiving with my mommy, daddy, pepper, lovey, pop, great-granddaddy, uncle blake, aunt kimmie, great aunt terry, great uncle billy, great aunt shawna, second cousins: brittney, kelli, makenna, & nikki, and my sugga (my mommy's special friend from work).  Grandpa and my great uncle mickey will be here tomorrow.  It was a great lunch (even if my lunch was dairy and soy free)!  Uncle D's aggie basketball team beat Clemson, Pop's cowboys beat oakland, and daddy's aggie football team was tied when I went to bed (daddy said they looked great even though it was a loss).  Lovey said I can be in charge of crushing the cornbread for next year's dressing.  I can hardly wait!

Passed out from the tryptophan,
Turkey Travis

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