Monday, March 15, 2010

Grandfather Trifecta

Today, I got to visit Papaw (and Nana) at work.  I was sporting my St. Patty's shirt that they got me.  Thank goodness they got me 12 month as it was super snug on my muscles!  It was frito pie day - yummy!  I really wanted some of dad's, but he wouldn't share.  Mommy ate at home, but did indulge in a glass of sweet tea!

This is Linda.  She gave me my jumperoo I love so much.  Therefore, she is one of my most favorite people EVER!

Here I am at Nana's desk - this is where most of the work gets done anyways!

I may have had a little blowout on my outing!  Yippee for a diaper and outfit change on Papaw's leather sofa.



Last week, I got to enjoy my weekly visit with Grandpa, and I get to spend a whole weekend in Lubbock with Pop. 

Ain't life grand?  I've got the three best grandfathers around!

Grandfathers are a special breed
Of kinfolk, all their own.
They love you and hug you,
And spoil you to death.
And then, they send you home.
- By Joyce C. Lock

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