Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Eight Months Old!

Time sure does fly when you are officially mobile!  I may still just be army crawling, but I can army crawl with the best of them.  I've wiggled my way into the kitchen and almost all the way to the living room.  I immediately head straight for the blinds and the outlets so it looks like it is time for my folks to baby proof this place.

This past month, I've added green beans, peaches, yellow squash, and apples to my diet.  I went to the doctor for my first virus (a mild case of hand, foot, and mouth disease) and weighed 20 lbs. 3 oz. at that visit.  I went to my first Aggie Muster and rode through my first car wash (I was in the car of course).

I'm still toothless, but I gnaw on anything and everything I can get my hands on.  Mom is thinking that teeth are coming soon, but she has thought that for the past six weeks.  I'm always chewing on my tongue or moving my tongue around in my mouth.  It's like I've got restless tongue syndrome.  :)  I've started screaming saying loudly lalalala and dadada and have perfected a fake cough.  I think it is really funny!

I had my first "Guys Night In" this past Saturday as my mommy went to the Shreve with a ton of her best buddies.  Happy Birthday Auntie Amy! 

Dad and I had a blast, and I hardly even missed my mommy.  We took two walks, played the drums on the side of the couch, and had special visits from Pepper and Papaw.  Aren't I lucky to have such an awesome daddy??

We are headed to Lubbock this weekend, and I get to spend some time with Lovey, Pop, and all my Lubbock family.  Plus, Lindsey (mommy's law school friend) and Addison (born 4 days before me) are coming to hang out so our mommies can go to another law school friend's wedding shower.  Addi is a mover and a shaker so I'm looking forward to watching her in action.

Mommy had an engagement photo session with Nana and Papaw, and you know that she can't not take some pics of me.  Check out my crazy tongue!  Aunt Momo was with us so she was able to get some pics of my awesome family!


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  1. with lashes like that, he is going to be fightin' off the ladies ;)