Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010!

My appreciation and love for Easter was taken to another level this year.  For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16  How fortunate are we that God loves us that much?  As a mommy to a precious little boy, the sacrifice becomes that much more apparent.  I hope that the gratitude celebrated on Easter is not a "once-a-year" feeling and that we remember His amazing love every hour of every day of every year.

During one particularly moving song in the praise and worship portion of the service on Sunday, I look up to see a man standing (everyone else is still seated at this point).  I think - Amen - that man is feeling the Lord today.  Upon further inspection, I notice a boy (his son I'm guessing) standing with him.  The boy is about 6 or 7.  At this point, my mind starts creating the story behind this snapshot in time and I burst into happy and grateful tears.  I've imagined that this little boy is the one that desired to stand and that he reached over and asked his dad to stand with him, and without hesitation, the dad rose to stand as a symbol of love for his son, for God, and for His Son.  At that moment, it became so clear to me the amazing responsibility we have for Travis and the lives that we need to live.  I pray every day that God gives us guidance so that we may teach Travis to know and love Him and that Travis knows and feels the love that we have for God, for him, and for each other on a daily basis.

Easter weekend was full of family!  I love spending time and hanging out with my "peeps."  Looks like Travis is gonna be a "family man" too!  PTL!

Going on a walk with Grandpa & Daddy while Mommy gets her toes done and Uncle Mickey does our taxes.  Yippee for the family accountant!

Uncle Mickey has been super busy at work, and we hadn't seen him since Christmas.  We've been missing him so much.  No surprise that Travis warmed up to him in no time.  They are going to be big buddies!!

Squeaky clean for Church!

Yippee for Aunt Momo going with us to church, too.  Love hearing about the Lord with my family.

After church, we were off to Granddaddy's.

Pepper brought Travis a super cute Eeyore basket filled with goodies including an awesome baseball outfit!  Thanks, Pepper!!

Uncle Billy and Aunt Terry (Pepper's siblings) loving on T!

Granddaddy and Travis!

Aunt Shawna, Nikki, McKenna, and a very grown up looking Travis.  He looks like a little boy in this picture and not so much like a little baby.  Boo.

Can you say "Ladies Man"?  T lovin' the attention and smooches!


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