Monday, May 3, 2010

Corn on the Cob - Here He Comes

Tooth #1 (bottom left) broke through yesterday on our return trip from Lubbock.  I can tell it is hurting him a little bit as his napping and sleep has been messed up, and he is just generally a little bit Senor Crankypants.  He is always a little cranky after we get back from Lubbock.  There, he is the center of attention and has about five sets of hands to tote him around and lots of fun stuff to see and do, and then we come home, and he just has me.  A bit of a let down after all of the fun!  It takes him a day or two and then he is back to his normal self so I'm hoping it is more of that and less about his sore tooth.

I have a ton of blog posts to do so I hope to get a few done before all of our family hits town for Travis's dedication this weekend.

Here are a few picture attempts at the first tooth from last night.  They failed.  So instead you get a picture of a tired baby who just smeared his dinner on his face and eyes.  :)

And here are some pics of him trying out his new tub on the counter.  You can tell by his uber-relaxed spread eagle position that he is a fan.

I'll be doing a bit of back-tracking to make sure that I get all of our adventures from the last couple weeks in so bear with me.  This blog is, after all, my baby book in the making!


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