Thursday, May 6, 2010

Visit with Coach Tuberville

While we were in Lubbock last week, we had a chance to stop by Lovey's new office and meet some of her new co-workers.  Lovey was recruited to the Football office a couple of months ago from her gig in the Red Raider Club. When her new boss, Coach Tuberville, got to town, renovations began on several parts of the football offices. Lovey took us on a tour to see what all was going in. Let’s just say that everything looks great and that Coach has definitely “classed” the place up a little bit.

We first visited the weight room and met Coach Walker, Tech’s strength and conditioning coach and Lovey’s buddy. We think that she helps him get his expenditures approved so he thinks she is great. We posed Travis on the Double T flooring (I didn’t even cringe … much!). Travis seemed pretty enthralled with the lights and grunting noises. :) Coach Walker was super nice and was ready to start Travis on a linebacker’s workout regimen. Guess we’ll see about that one day!

Next, Travis snuggled up to Ms. Bailey, mom’s new friend and lady who does all of Tech’s recruiting stuff. She had a super-fun necklace on and thankfully didn’t mind Travis nomming on it.

Coach Tuberville was in a meeting while we were touring, but thankfully got finished up so we were able to meet him. I made sure to turn my Aggie burp cloth inside out before we went in to meet Coach.  Coach took Travis and held him in his lap while trying to get T to make a “guns up.” I personally was hoping for a little tantrum surrounded by all the red and black, but Travis was happy as a clam and way more interested in messing up all of Coach’s important papers. I wished Coach an 11-1 season this year (with the loss being to A&M obviously). Coach was quick and said that it sure would hurt to lose to Baylor. Touché, Coach Tuberville, Touché. I can definitely appreciate his quick wit.

Travis’s favorite part of his visit definitely had to be the flooring in Coach Tuberville’s office. Something about a shiny slick wood floor makes for a very happy army-crawling baby. I didn’t use my zoom so this is sort of like a “play-by-play” of him shimmying his way to me. How cool that my kid left a drool puddle on Coach Tuberville’s floor!! Notice the stuck-out tongue – he does it when he is concentrating – he must get that from me. My twirling coach used to always yell at me to stick mine back in during routines. Fun stuff.

We finished up our adventure by posing the kid next to some Tech trophies. He really enjoyed playing with the ball, and I was worried that he was going to drool the autograph away.


We really appreciated everyone’s hospitality on our visit. Coach Tuberville was accommodating and super sweet to us and Travis. Anyone that Lovey respects so much after a few short months is an automatic friend of mine.

Coach Sherman, if you are reading this, we would be glad to make a trip to College Station so you can snuggle with Travis too. :)


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