Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lubbock Trip!

A couple of weeks ago we traveled to Lubbock for a long weekend for one of my dear law school friend's bachelorette festivities.  Of course, we also got to hang out with our amazing family.  As an added bonus, another law school friend and her daughter, Addison (4 days older than Travis), came and stayed with us at Lovey and Pop's.  We had an amazing time as usual!

Travis loved:

scooting around on the hard wood floor (he can move twice as fast when he's not on carpet - if only we could wrap him in Swiffers)

bath time with Grana

snuggling with Lovey

showing off his army crawl for Nannie

eating his first popsicle (a homemade pear juice and banana concoction)

terrorizing Precious

hanging out outdoors in the West Texas wind


watching Mom act crazy on Cousin Kyler's skateboard


living like a King on Pop's lap



saying hi to lots of family

serenading Aunt Elva & Uncle Tommy

looking up to Cousin Kyler

swimming with Dad (Travis loved it even more this time!)

meeting Mommy's friends, and

playing with Addison (kudos to all the moms of twins out there!).


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