Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 9, 2010

On May 9, 2010, we celebrated Mother's Day, Travis's baby dedication at Church, and Travis's first ear infection.  Two super special events took a backseat to us caring for our little guy.  Poor thing.  He started feeling crummy Saturday afternoon and got progressively worse over the next 48 hours.  I had chalked up most of his crankiness to teething, but felt like something more was going on after he was running a fever on Sunday.  Grandpa and I took him in to the doctor on Monday morning, and sure enough, he had an ear infection.  Thus, we started his first of what I'm guessing will be many rounds of amoxicillin.  Lovey and Pop got Travis his birthday present a few months early, and it was one of very few things that made him happy during the day.  Not much smiling from the T-meister.  :(

Unfortunately for Travis, his baby dedication was scheduled for Sunday morning, and we had about 20 friends and family hitting town to celebrate with us.  He wasn't his usual smiling happy self at church, but we were able to avoid a meltdown, so we will consider it a success.  Our family was very understanding, and he napped throughout his whole celebration luncheon.  I'm so glad that Lovey and Grandpa were both in town to help with sad Travis.  He just wanted to be held and loved on and sleep was a real struggle both Saturday and Sunday nights.  We capped off my first Mother's Day by getting showered in puke as I layed him down to bed.  Grandpa walked T around while Brandon and I stripped down his bed and I changed clothes.  T watched some cartoons with Grandpa before I put him back down.  Poor little guy.  I was washing the puke out of my ponytail and thinking how glamourous this whole motherhood business is.  :)

Baby dedication is really a lot more to do with Brandon and I making a pledge to raise Travis in a Christian home and teaching him the Jesus way.  The message that went along with the baby dedication service (it just so happened that this was the message, i.e., it isn't always this one when babies are dedicated) was one about "Affirmation and Support" from the Families Are Us series.  Proverbs 22:6 reads "[t]rain a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."  Imagine the world if all parents followed the Word as the ultimate parenting guide!! 

Growing up, my mom had a magnet on the fridge with the following: 

100 Ways to Say Good Job

Right on!· You're so smart! · Nice going. · Good remembering. · I knew you could do it. · You've got it made. · SUPER! · That's right! · That's good. · I'm very proud of you. · You're really working hard today. · Way to go! · You are very good at that. · That's coming along nicely. · GOOD WORK! · I'm happy to see you working like that. · That's much, much better! · Exactly right. · I'm proud of the way you worked today. · You're doing that much better today. · You've just about got it. · That's the best you've ever done. · You're doing a good job. · THAT'S IT! · Now you've figured it out. · That's quite an improvement. · GREAT! · Congratulations! · Not bad. · Keep working on it. · You're improving. · Now you have it!
· You are learning fast. · Good for you! · Couldn't have done it better myself. · Aren't you proud of yourself'
· One more time and you'll have it. · You really make my job fun. · That's the right way to do it. · You're getting better every day. · You did it that time! · That's not half bad. · Nice going. · You haven't missed a thing! · WOW! · That's the way! · Keep up the good work. · TERRIFIC! · Nothing can stop you now. · That's the way to do it. · SENSATIONAL! · You've got your brain in gear today. · That's better. · That was first class work. · EXCELLENT! · That's the best ever. · You've just about mastered it. · PERFECT! · That's better than ever. · Much better! · WONDERFUL! · You must have been practicing. · You did that very well. · FINE! · You're on the right track now! · You're really going to town. · OUTSTANDING! · FANTASTIC! · TREMENDOUS! · That's how to handle that. · Now that's what I call a fine job. · That's great. · You're really improving. · You're doing beautifully! · SUPERB! · You've got that down pat. · You certainly did well today. · Keep it up! · Congratulations. You got it right! · You did a lot of work today. · Well look at you go. · That's it. · I like knowing you. · MARVELOUS! · I like that. · Fabulous! · Now you have the hang of it. · You're doing fine! · Good thinking. · You are really learning a lot. · Good going. · I've never seen anyone do it better. · Keep on trying. · You outdid yourself today! · Good for you! · I think you've got it now. · That's a good (boy/girl). · Good job, (person's name). · You figured that out fast. · You remembered! · That's really nice. · That kind of work makes me happy. · It's such a pleasure to teach when
I think you're doing the right thing · "Look at you...smarty pants!'' · "Way to go...little buddy!" · "Awesome...kiddo!" · "You're just too much!''
Love these.  I definitely always knew that my family loved and supported me, and I know that Travis will feel the same.
Dear Lord, 
How grateful we are for the amazing blessing that you have given to us in our son, Travis.  Today, May 9, 2010, we dedicate him to you and pledge to bring him up in your Word and in your way.  God, just as we have asked of you many times before, please bless this child.  Teach him and use him!  What comfort we have knowing that you have a plan for his life.  We ask that you guide us as we parent him and that we teach him to know and love you.  Use this child to your glory.  

We humbly and gratefully ask these things in Jesus's name. 



  1. Oh, poor baby Travis (and Gara!) being sick is no fun! You guys will love the new stroller.

  2. What a beautiful celebration! (aside from the poor baby boy being sick) I hope that Travis (and Mommy) are back to 110%. We look forward to seeing you guys at the next playdate. :)