Friday, November 2, 2012

Santa Rosa Beach, FL Family Vacation - Post 3

I'd like to say we all got to take leisurely naps all day, but mainly just these three. :)

We played pool and played at the pool.  (get it??)

I set these in the passenger seat of our rented suv.  I thought the angle gave them way more character.  :)

Pop, Grandpa, Uncle Mickey
Lovey, Brandon, Maryn
Gara, Travis

We did a little two-stop dining this day.  We went to Tommy Bahamas for a dessert feast. Travis was in heaven!

And a little splash part outside the restaurant.  Yay for spare clothes in the car.

Brandon and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary while we were there and got some babysitting out of the trip and enjoyed an awesome dinner alone!

His nightly ritual was eating these mini-popsicles in the sink bath.

Hurrican Debbie came to town.

Took the kids to first movie.  Madagascar 3.  Actually went pretty well.  :)

Finished up the one rainy day at the Hard Rock.

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