Sunday, October 28, 2012

Noah's 3rd Birthday Party "Adventure"

Travis at the train station and trying out my new lens
that I won at the I Heart Faces conference a few weeks ago!  Love that beautiful bokeh and that handsome and smiling subject.
iPhone pics of us loaded on the train!  All aboard!

Yeah, this was when our car derailed.  No bueno!  We were in the seat in front of the blue bag.

And then we walked and walked and walked.  All the while schlepping toddlers and bags!  Ah, memories!!  The mamas at the party are some of my very best friends - crazy loves company! :)

Finally the playground and the party!  My crafty BFF whipped up this delicious 3 cake!  So precious!

Lots of M&Ms to eat!

Ethan ran the camera for a while!  So fun!  And I even made it into a couple!

Maryn and Ellasyn are gonna be sweet friends!

Happy birthday sweet Noah!

Tiny little CK fingers!

My favorite 3 just a swingin!
All yesterday Travis had us playing "marching band" with the "conductor".  He'd say "all aboard" and we'd begin playing our instruments and marching!  HA!

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