Monday, October 15, 2012

Wreck 'Em! Game Day Pics!

Homecoming 2012.  Victory against #5 WVU.  And we were there!!!

First, we helped Lovey set up the tailgate.  Helpers #1 and #2 were essential!
Coach's wife (we seriously love the whole family!) stepped in to scoop up #2.

Then, we took a little stroll thru campus with the crew.

Next, it was time for Raider Walk.  Lovey is in charge of meeting Coach and the team.

She had some helpers - one look at Raider Red and the eldest hit the road!

Miss M along for the ride!

Both kids spent time in the Boba - could not live with out it!

Happy Tailgaters!

New friend!

My Uncle Carman and Aunt Dawn with the kids!  So blessed by their help this weekend!!

Coach's wife delivered a life-size Pixy Stick to Travis.  Sugar heaven!


Giving us some great smiles as she played peek-a-boo in Lovey's legs!

"Pony" rides!

We could all be related!!

Marching Band!!

The kids were super and we had lots of eager helping hands!!  It was so fun to hear everyone rave about how awesome my mama is!!  A little tidbit I've known for years!
Thanks for the hospitality!

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