Sunday, May 29, 2011

Little Gym Graduation

Yesterday was Travis's spring semester graduation from Little Gym.  It was so cute and his first "awards" ceremony complete with medal.  Nana and Papaw gave him that semester for Christmas (I absolutely love experience gifts like that - we may find something else for his upcoming bday.  Wink Wink!!!).  We celebrated with pancakes at Mimi's with Nana and Papaw and then 45 minutes of showing off!  We have loved Little Gym.  I think it has been great for coordination and motor skills and gives him one more opportunity to mix and mingle with other kiddos.  Thanks Nana and Papaw!!!!

Working the camera while he waits for class to start

Every class starts off with some bell shaking!

Some "jumping" (Note: his feet never leave the ground)

Donkey kicks


We did the parachute on Saturday, but sometimes do the little jump house or some other activity.

Then it is PLAY TIME!

Then come the balls

And bubbles

Medal time!

We are so proud of the developmental growth our little man has made since January.  Looking forward to the summer session (yippee for indoor activity)!


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