Saturday, May 7, 2011

35 Weeks

How far along?: 35 weeks.  Today marks the infamous 35 weeks/35 days to go point in this amazing (and super speedy) journey.
Total weight gain: 42 lbs. There is always something a little depressing about rolling over to the next middle digit in my weight.  I'm guessing I get one more middle digit before this thing is done!
How big is baby?: 5 and some change.  She seems pretty long and can definitely make the whole big belly shake which makes me thing she is healthy as a horse!
Stretch marks?: This was my response during Travis's pregnancy:  "None on the belly, but I'm afraid I may get some around the belly button - the skin is looking awfully stretched."  With Maryn, they are already all over the bottom half of the belly and are getting even with the belly button.  Aye carumba!
Sleep?: Not too bad.  I'm about to have to start napping when T naps though as I'm ready to go to bed by 9 on most days.
Best moment this week?: I had my Diapers and Bows shower with all of my awesome Sunday school and mommy church friends.  They did not disappoint, and Miss Maryn already has a bow hanger full of accessories.  So blessed to have such a great support system.

Holly (finds out next week), Krista (finds out next week), Melanie (& Keller),
Jennifer (& Libby), and Me (& Maryn) 
(in order from most time left to least time left)

This pic is just some of the preggos from our Sunday school class.  I promise we did not send around an email encouraging everyone to start having unprotected sex.  :)  Super exciting to be in this season of our lives with so many great friends!

Movement?: She can still take my breath away with her jujitsu moves and pelvic floor ballet performances.  I'm thinking she still has plenty of wiggle room what with my super-human uterus size and all.
Food cravings?: Apples with caramel and frozen grapes.
Labor signs?: The braxton hicks started last week some time.  Mainly in the evening because I'm pooped and I've been lifting T-man.
Belly button in or out?: Ready to explode!
What I miss: Having skinny calves.  People tell me that I carry all my weight in my tummy - they are sweet, but totally wrong.  Every inch of my body (except for the upper shoulder blade region on my back - at least that is what B tells me - looks pregnant.  I'm guessing my legs have to turn into trunks and my butt double in size to keep me from tipping forward all the time.  :)
What I'm looking forward to: Getting a final completion date on our new house in the next week or so and paying all of the bills for M's arrival beforehand.  They suck, but at least you get better discounted rates if you pay them up front.  Thankful that we have some money in savings to be able to cover these costs.
Milestone: Got a good deal on a double stroller that our chicco infant seat will be able to fit in.  We really don't need many additional things (which is good since we have no room).  We will fish out the bouncer seat from the garage and the bassinet is in our closet - we will wait until the last possible minute to set this stuff up.

Prayer Request:  I've scheduled my C-Section for 6/14 (40w3d), but have pretty much decided that if I go into labor on my own before then and conditions are favorable that I would like to try a VBAC.  I've been prayerful for a long time about this, and I'm praying that God control the whole situation for me and allow a safe delivery that is His will.  Any words of encouragement and prayers about this are greatly appreciated!



  1. How great to get to share your pregnancy with other close friends who are also expecting! And, exciting that your C-section is scheduled but that Maryn could arrive sooner too. Hope your last ~5 weeks are great as you make final preparations for your sweet little girl!

  2. I can't believe you only have 5 weeks left? Really? Where has the time gone? I'm so excited you might get to try a vbac - although however you get to meet Miss Maryn is going to be WONDERFUL. Praying for a safe delivery.

  3. I have total faith that everything will work out for you! and you look great in the photos!!