Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Favorite Things ... Part Two

Since writing this post, Emily delivered baby Wyatt, several friends discovered the gender of their unborn kiddos (although some have chosen not to find out, i.e., Baby Herbie remains a mystery), and The Stillers (Danny is a lifetime friend of Brandon's and was an usher in our wedding) announced their pregnancy here.  And of course, lots of stuff has changed for the T-man as well as he is continuing to grow and develop perfectly.  So to update my favorite things...

1.  Travel Swing - Travis likes this swing just as much as the much larger and more expensive other one that he has.  This one takes up so much less space and we've taken it on both road trips as it folds up pretty well.  It will sometimes put him to sleep, but mostly he just likes to chill in it and play with a toy or look around.

2.  Whoozit - this continues to be Travis's favorite toy.  This was the first toy we introduced to him because of all the black and white, and he used to just stare at him.  Now, he puts all the parts in his mouth, grabs on to the handle, has lengthy conversations with him, and bats him around.  Definitely a great purchase for $10.  Manhattan Toy also makes two of his favorite toys from Christmas - the winkel and the baby-ville activity cube.  They are quickly becoming our "go-to" brand for toys.

3.  Pacifier Wipes - these are super handy when you are out and about for wiping off pacis, toys, etc.  I have some "all-natural" disinfectant that I can also spray on stuff that he's going to chew on, but it kinda smells funny.  He doesn't seem to mind these at all.

4.  Wubbanub - Travis takes a paci when he is going to sleep so these have been great since it gives him something to love on and is easier for him to hold on to.  Plus, it is easier for us to keep track of and hold on to as well.  I ordered a six pack on the internet and shared a few with Travis's besties (Elizabeth, Wyatt, and Owen).  I would recommend having at least two or three on hand.

5.  Breathable Bumpers - Starting on January 11th, Travis decided that he wanted to be a tummy sleeper.  I am so glad that we had already changed our regular bumpers to these.  These allow for plenty of airflow, but don't allow limbs to get stuck in the cracks.  We snapped the picture of our monitor below (thus the crappy quality).  It was just too cute.  He is now sleeping flat on his tummy with his head mostly turned toward the bumper.  Because of the breathable bumpers, I don't have to worry about him suffocating.

6.  iPhone - Random, I know.  Seriously, Brandon and I got iPhones last Sunday, and I couldn't be happier with them.  I could actually care less if I could talk on them as it is all of the other stuff that I'm enjoying.  T has gotten to where he doesn't like lots of noise while he is nursing - if I try to talk, he peers up and gives me the stink eye.  Typing on the iPhone is soooo quiet so I can check email, update facebook, play words with friends, etc. while he his getting in one of his meals.  There are also some great apps that are kiddo-based that I know he will enjoy later on.  For now, he is pretty mesmerized by the rattle on this app, and I'm excited about the white noise part when we travel.  One less thing to tote!

I hope somebody finds these helpful!  E-mail me if you have any questions or leave a comment if you think of another "must have."


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