Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Weekend of 2010

We spent the first weekend of 2010 hanging out and doing a whole lot of nothing. That happens to be our favorite thing to do – just hang out at the house with our family. Travis and I (and Uncle Mickey) never even left the house (except for a quick trip to the nail salon for a pedicure with Auntie Amy for me on Saturday). Grandpa came over on Wednesday, and Uncle Mickey arrived from Texas City on Thursday evening. Pepper and Auntie Amy came to help us celebrate 2010 on Friday. We had pork loin, black eyed peas, fried okra, fried squash, onion rings, fresh tomatoes, and dairy and soy free cornbread. It was soooo delicious. Pepper even made dairy and soy free lemon bars. She has been so great at making me all sorts of special treats that I can have. I’ve almost made myself sick on the lemon bars - sooooo yummy!

Travis spent the weekend playing with some of his Christmas toys. He got this fun contraption from Pepper.

It is pretty mesmerizing. I think he’ll like it even more when he can sit by himself. Travis also spent the weekend rolling around. He was so proud of his latest accomplishment and spent quite a bit of time in the floor trying out all of his new moves.

His daddy put together his Exersaucer this afternoon, but Travis isn’t quite sure what to think yet. He’ll have plenty of time to figure it out as it has a ton of things for him to look at and play with on it. On Saturday morning, Travis woke up with the sneezes. I was just sure that he was going to be sick, but it seems to have already passed. We are armed with a saline rinse and we hooked up the humidifier just in case, but he never acted like he felt bad or ran a fever. Hopefully, this was just a little flare up of some seasonal allergies.

Travis got a couple more Christmas presents. He really liked this one and hopes to grow into it by next season.

We watched a ton of football. It is a good thing Travis likes to watch football with all the men in this bunch. Here he is chilling with Grandpa and his Uncle Mickey.

Nana and PaPaw even stopped by on New Year’s Day to make sure they got a smooch on the first day of 2010.

The boy loves his baths.


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  1. Happy new year to the Hills!! Cute pics - especially love the football outfit! I know it's scary when they act like they are getting sick. Owen has already been through his first cold but luckily never ran any fever. I guess there's no avoiding sickness with an older sibling in the household :(