Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We're Alive!!

Well, Travis and I have survived our first tandem cold.  It is sure tough to be sick and take care of a sick little one.  Thankfully, we had some great support and both enjoyed just vegging out for a few days.  Aunt Momo made a couple drugstore runs for us, Daddy took a shift from 7am to 8am so I could sleep, Grandpa came to give assistance on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, and Pepper came to hang out on Friday with chicken stew, cornbread, and cherry crisp in tow.  It really does take a village, and we are so thankful for all of the love and help!  During the week, Travis and Daddy took a few showers together to help with T's congestion.  He wasn't really sure what to think about it, but it was too cute.  I didn't take many pics last week, but here is a cute one from Pepper's visit.

I have finally gotten my photography blog back up and running.  Check it out at http://garahill.blogspot.com/  I'm hoping to do some portrait work this spring with some graduating seniors so let me know if you know of anyone that is looking for some fun portraits at a reasonable price.



  1. Glad y'all are feeling better! Jack LOVES to shower with Keith... they still do it every night after dinner. But, since Jack is so much bigger, he stands a lot of the time instead of being held. Sometimes, we just put him in the tub shower alone and wash him from the side.

  2. Glad you guys are feeling better! You're right, it is very challenging to care for someone else (especially so small) when you are feeling crummy, too :(