Sunday, January 31, 2010


What a busy week we have had!  Last Sunday, two of mommy's very special lawyer friends from Dallas came to visit me.  Auntie Feliciy and Nathan were so much fun, and Nathan is getting to be such a big boy - I had a fun time watching him get into everything.  Auntie Noel shared some super exciting news with us.  We can't wait to see what God has in store for her and Steve (2, 3, or 4 kiddos being adopted soon!!). 

My mommy has made some new special mommy friends at church so we got to have our first playdate on Thursday.  What a blast!!!  I enjoyed watching all of the other kiddos and made a ton of new friends (so did mommy - I'm not sure who enjoyed it more - me or her??). 

Grandpa came over on Wednesday night, and got to hang out with us on Thursday.  He couldn't stay away from me for long because he came back from the airport after just a couple hours.  Mom said something about the Lubbock airport being shut down, but I think he just missed me that much already.  He zoomed me around the counter in my first race car!



Mommy had to sell rodeo programs on Saturday morning and Daddy had to go to the shooting range for his concealed handgun license renewal mumbo jumbo so I had Pepper to myself all morning.  What a blast!  We had a great time playing and snuggling.  I love my special time with all of my grandpeeps.  Check out my new lovie that my Lovey made me - it hooks on to my paci!  How clever!

On Saturday night, one of Daddy's bestest buddies from growing up and his sweet wife came by (aka The Stillers) to bring dinner and visit me.  Mommy had also gathered up some maternity wear as Baby Stiller will be here in July!  Yay for more new friends! 

I got to visit the nursery on Sunday morning as my folks went to Sunday School for the first time in forever!!!  I'm so glad they are getting back into the swing of things at Church because I sure love all my peeps in the nursery.

Speaking of new friends, let me tell you about my newest bestie!  Meet Sophie.  I lurve her sooo much.  Daddy wants me to call her Geoffrey, but whatever ... he's a dork.  Sophie is so much more than a "glorified dog toy" - she's my friend!

We thank God every day for all of the friends that Mommy and Daddy have in their lives - friends to love and support and live life with - what a blessing they all are!!

Me and the Parentals are making our second trip to College Station this upcoming weekend to see Uncle D's Aggie basketball team BTHO Baylor!  Elizabeth is coming to visit too, and I'm so excited!!

Baby T

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