Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cute Doesn't Begin to Describe Him!

Auntie Francie came and took some great photos of Travis on Saturday (1/23) to commemorate his 5 month birthday!  I can't believe he is almost half a year old!  Btw, we are doing some better on our sleep so keep the fingers crossed and the prayers coming.  We are, by no means, even close to sleeping through the night, but at least we seem to be more amenable to naps in the crib rather than on the mama.  :)

I have a feeling he will not need any help sitting up for his 6 month pictures!!



  1. So handsome!! He is starting to transform from baby to little boy!! My favorite pictures are the last one on his tummy and the one with him playing with his toes!!!

  2. those are great pics. he can't be 5 months old yet...the time is going too fast! yea to better sleeping!

  3. He is cute Gara! I would say he is definitely a happy baby....he seems to be smiling in every picture you post! :) The letter from Grandpa below made me tear up....I love these letters...such a wonderful idea.