Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm Twenty-One Weeks Old!

Strange that my mom started me on these three-week updates, but I guess I better keep up!  Today, I am twenty-one weeks old which translates to about 4 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days old.  Boy have I grown up a lot since my last check-in.  I've completely outgrown all of my gap 3-6 month outfits and am probably over 17 lbs.   

I am doing so good holding up my head these days and am able to intently follow you with my gaze all around the room.  I love playing on the floor and sometimes roll over so many times in a row that I puke!!  I can almost do a complete roll in just one or two motions.

I've recently discovered my feet and enjoying grabbing them.  This makes it easy on my mom when she's cleaning my bum, but pretty difficult when she is trying to get the diaper re-attached or my pants snapped.  Ha.  I've also discovered my tongue and frequently stick it out at you!

I've been sleeping on my tummy at night in the far-upper right corner of my crib.  It is kinda funny how I inchworm my way up there til my head is hitting the corner.  My mom thinks it is so I can see out the crack!

I love my morning time with my daddy.

But, I still think my mommy is pretty funny too.

My mommy wore me in her moby wrap to the AT&T store and to Kohl's last week.  Let me tell you - I was the hit of the party.  I kept randomly smiling at the AT&T lady, and she would just crack up and lose her train of thought.  It was hilarious.  Daddy even wore me around the neighborhood in his manly Chicco carrier.  I loved it!  I think daddy has some new appreciation for mommy after toting me around for a while - he was saying something about a backache.

I love my exersaucer, my weekly visits with Grandpa, and Gripe Water.  Mommy thought the Gripe Water might help me sleep through the night so we started taking it at bath time a week or so ago.  It didn't help with the sleeping, but I sure do like it.  I make a ton of faces like I am really contemplating each little bit.  My folks think it is funny.

There is no telling what I'll be up to at twenty-four weeks.  Until then, peace out.

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  1. Evie loves Gripe water too!! Its wonderful for tummy ache! Travis is just so handsome. Jane x