Friday, April 22, 2011

Savannah #2

After a yummy and "light" lunch on Friday, we walked around for a bit before settling in at The Savannah Tea Room for afternoon tea.

We each enjoyed a pot of tea (B's was earl grey and mine was decaf french vanilla) and shared a spread of cake, cookies, scones, jam, and clotted cream.  Brandon doesn't usually drink any caffeine so he was funny kinda hopped up after a pot of tea AND sugar.

Giving his best ... "I'm so cool I drink tea in the afternoon" look.

We were so impressed at all of the activity in Forsyth Park at all hours of the day.  It was awesome having our hotel just right across the street.

After we spent about an hour and a half resting in our room, we were ready to go again.  This time we were headed to The Lady and Sons.  THE reason we were in Savannah in the first place!

This pink satin is really slimming, don't ya think?  OHMYWORD!!

The buffet....

Cheese biscuits and hoecakes.  I was super excited about the hoecakes - they were yummy and different.

My plate - before

And after  ...

Each buffet comes with a choice of three desserts - banana pudding, peach cobbler, or gooey butter cake.  I wasn't willing to take any chances on making a wrong decision so I asked our waiter if we could have all three.  Who's gonna turn down the pink satin shamu??


After dinner, we walked around some more.  B took a picture of the moon.  Travis always points out the moon so I think B was doing a little bit of "Somewhere Out There" for him.  Tear tear.

Once it got dark, we hopped on our carraige ghost tour (totally snagged discounted tickets on Groupon of Savannah!).  It was totally kid friendly so I didn't have any nightmares.  It was actually very entertaining, and the coolest tidbit is that in one of the squares there is a guy* buried there who absolutely hated the Spanish Moss, and legend says, that his ghost keeps that particular square totally free of the moss.  Not sure who actually is behind it, but sure enough, that square didn't have a speck of the stuff in any of the huge trees. 

*By guy, I mean some general or leader man super important to civil war/Savannah/some other historical blah blah, but that I totally cannot remember.


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