Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt at Lolly & Popsie's

We awesomely tagged along to Lolly (Noah's dad's folks) and Teenie's 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt last Saturday!  Weather was good, food was better, and the company was awesome. 

Easter is about celebrating our risen Savior and having awesome family time (even if it isn't our family)!  So glad that we were able to enjoy both this past weekend.

T's first go at egg hunting.  B and T had been practicing for a few days, but T just wants to eat whatever is inside each one before moving on to the next one.  I totally can understand that dilemma.  :)

He has his mouth full in every picture.  Love this little snack monster!! 

Bubble gun fun.  Totally need to pick one of these up.

Drama ensues in 3..2..1..  Still working on sharing... 

Ringo, the cat, was a huge hit with Travis.

Noah (T calls him "nona") would rather be monkeying around.  Love this little daredevil, too!

T checking out Krista's photog skills.

What a fun time!!


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