Saturday, April 23, 2011

33 Weeks

How far along?: 33 weeks and still measuring ahead.
Total weight gain: 39 lbs. (blame Savannah)
How big is baby?: Books say almost 4 lbs.
Stretch marks?: They are already showing up on my stomach this go round.  It was much later before they actually started creeping onto my stomach last time.  They mostly hung out in the love handle region.
Sleep?: Hips are pretty sore and at least 2 pee breaks per night, but T is still sleeping til 6:30ish so I'm still feeling pretty rested.
Best moment this week?: Getting in a bunch of orders of all the baby essential stuff for M.
Movement?: She's still a 9pm spaz!
Food cravings?: Chocolate Milk
Labor signs?: None. 
Belly button in or out?: Flat.
What I miss: Not sweating.
What I'm looking forward to: Maternity pics.
Milestone: Going ahead and getting scheduled for June 14th as Maryn's birth date.  My doc pretty much said put it in pencil because she's not sure I can make it past 40 weeks, but we will see.  I'm trying to keep her in until our house gets done!


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